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LOGITECH LogoFor more than 25 years, Logitech has been making stylish, innovative and quality computer and gaming products that are sold worldwide. Whether its in the living room, or in the office, the brand Logitech can be seen everywhere.

With over millions of customers in more than 100 countries, Logitech has become one of the leaders in personal devices and is directly competing with the likes of Microsoft, Altec Lansing and Creative.

Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2

Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 Review
Technical Details and Review
Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 Features:
  • great sound quality
  • compact design
  • compatible with iPod and iPhone
  • excellent remote with very good range
  • internal 10 hour rechargeable battery
  • remote that can navigate through the iPod menu and has a battery level indicator
  • comes with a protective travel case
Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 iPhone Speaker Review

Logitech Pure-Fi Dream

Logitech Pure-Fi Dream Review
Technical Details and Review
Pure-Fi Dream Features
  • excellent sound quality
  • stylish bean-shaped looking
  • FM/AM radio with presets for radio stations
  • compatible with iPod and iPhone
  • alarm clock
  • bass and treble controls
  • backlit remote
  • compact design
  • auxiliary input for playing music from your mp3 player, music-enabled phone and cd player
Logitech Pure-Fi Dream iPhone Alarm Clock Review

Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime

Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime Review
Technical Details and Review
Pure-Fi Anytime Features
  • compatible with iPod and iPhone
  • FM/AM radio
  • alarm clock
  • compatible with iPod and iPhone
  • remote control
  • alarm that has snooze function which senses hand waves
  • backlit buttons on the top also sense hand waves and will lit up
Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime Alarm Clock Review

Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus

Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus Review
Technical Details and Review
Pure-Fi Express Plus Features
  • good sound quality for its price class
  • compact design
  • compatible with iPod and iPhone
  • simple design
  • alarm clock
  • immune to cellphone interence with its design, you don't hear the annoying intermittent buzz noise
Pure-Fi Express Plus iPhone Speaker Review

Logitech Company History

Logitech International S.A. was founded by two Stanford Masters alumni, Daniel Borel and Pierluigi Zappacosta, and Giacomo Marini and co-founded in Apples, Vaud, Switzerland in 1981. Logitech is the parent company for Logitech Group. Originally, the company was solely an OEM manufacturer, since the introduction of computer mouse, it has slowly moved from an OEM manufacturer to a mouse maker.

The company continued to grow and since then offerring not just computer mice but a wide range of computer devices such as computer keyboards, mice, PC speakers, audio devices for both wireless as well as for MP3 players and mobile phones, webcams. Logitech also produces many gaming devices for the PlayStation 2/3, PlayStation Portable (PSP), Xbox, Xbox 360 such as joysticks, speakers, game controllers, keyboards and racing wheels.

Logitech has been making computer keyboards and mice for HP, Dell, Apple Inc.and other companies since the 1980s.



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