Top 10 Kick-Ass iPhone 4s Cases

We all want to protect our phones. iPhones are expensive yet necessary commodity in the world of communication. With contracts binding customers to years of committment, it's important to keep the iPhone safe.

Retail value of new iPhone usually tops out over $600.00. If you do not buy their insurance plan, how else can you ensure your phone is protected? Cases are the answer for most people.

This list is a collection of our top 10 iPhone 4s cases. Some because of their protection, some because of their look and some because of their ingenuity. Enjoy!

1. Case-Mate Barely There Brushed Aluminum


The Barely There Brushed Aluminum is one of our top reviewed cases as well as our favorite to use on our iPhones. It's sleek, modern and easy to carry with you. It works better against scratches and minor bumps than large drops and falls. We like this case and think you will too.

Barely There Brushed Aluminum On Amazon

2. Mophie Juice Pack Air Case (Rechargeable Battery)


The Mophie Juice Pack Air Case looks awesome and keeps your battery charged. It has one of the sleekest designs for a battery pack extension. If you need this type of case, we think this one is cool.

The Mophie Juice Pack Air Case on Amazon

3. Otterbox Defender Case (Pink)


Otterbox does it again. Now, with a little more flair, you can get great protection and even a sweet belt clip for taking the iPhone with you anywhere.

Otterbox Defender Series Case Pink on Amazon

4. Case-Mate Tank


Ultimate in iPhone 4s protection. This case has been hit with baseball bats and run over with cars. It WILL keep your iPhone safe. It even has a shutter screen protector. Seriously, thats pretty sick.

Case-Mate Tank on Amazon

5. JustCase Fernice Diary


Keep your iPhone in a jurnal looking case. This case looks modern and elegant. Keep your iPhone classy with this case.

JustCase Fernice Diary

6. Tech Candy Jet Set BORDEAUX


Tech Candy has some of the more interesting designs. The Jet Set BORDEAUX has the look of victorian wall paper. It has a warmth and elegance that also protects the iPhone really well.

Tech Candy Jet Set BORDEAUX

7. iSkin Solo Vu Case


Classy style with great coverage and protection. The Solo Vu brings sexy back to iPhone cases. It is thick enough to provide good protection, but slender enough to fit into your pocket.

iSkin Solo Vu Case

8. Walnut Case


Made completely from real wood, this case is as close to nature as you are going to get. The bottom is detachable and the case looks like a camera.

Walnut Case on Amazon

9. Seidio CONVERT


We like durable cases and know a lot of people want them. Here is another, completely hard-ass case that will protect your iPhone in lots of situations. Probably the best belt clip out there as well.

Seidio CONVERT on Amazon

10. Incipio NGP Semi-Rigid Soft shell case


360 good reviews can't be wrong. Especially since they have 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. Most people love it because it has a bumper that keeps the edges of the iPhone from getting torn up.

Incipio NGP on Amazon


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