How to Set an iPhone Alarm

set iphone alarmThe benefits of using your iPhone Clock app for an alarm are great. You can set multiple alarms, turn them off/on with a simple switch, set different tones, and many more features.

Basic Alarm Setup Instructions:

  1. On the home screen for your iPhone look for the ‘Clock’ app.This is a black square icon with an analog clock on it. Touch to open it.
  2. Once the app is open it will say one of four things on the header: “World Clock”, “Alarm”, “Stopwatch”, or “Timer”. We want to be on the “Alarm” section. If you are not on the “Alarm” tab look towards the bottom of the screen for the buttons that describe the different sections.
  3. In the “Alarm” section look to the top right hand corner for a plus symbol inside of a square button. Touch that icon to open the “Add Alarm” screen.
  4. Go through the appropriate settings for your alarm, then at the bottom set the time using the vertically rotating dials. Use your finger to change the time.
  5. Touch “Save” in the top right hand corner to save and close the “Add Alarm” screen. Your new alarm is now set.
  6. *To edit your alarm, tap “Edit” from top left corner when in the alarm section from step #2.

Put iPhone To Sleep Automatically:

  1. While in the “Alarm” section from step #2, go to the bottom of the screen and to the very right hand side to select “Timer”.
  2. From here you can set a time for your iPod/iPhone to “Sleep”.
  3. To set your iPod/iPhone click the grey area right beneath the set time dial where it says, “When Timer Ends”.
  4. At the top of this new screen you will see “Sleep iPod”.
  5. This feature turns audio off when the timer runs out.


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