Ultimate Guide to iPhone Speaker Apps



Top iPhone Alarm Clock Apps:

  • iHome+Sleep

  • Alarm Rock by Altec Lansing

  • Radio Alarm

  • iFlipClock Plus

  • Nightstand

  • Nightstand Central

  • Alarm Clock Pro

  • The Alarm Clock

iPhone App Enhanced Speaker Systems:


ihome ia5The iHome iA5 with iHome+Sleep App

The iA5 is one of the first iPhone Alarm clocks to feature an app called iHome+Sleep. This app offers more functionality and control with your alarm clock speaker system. Including weather and sleeping statistics to help you keep up with your sleeping cycle. Read the iHome iA5 Full Review.


iHome iA100The iHome iA100 with iHome+Sleep App

The iA100 is an upgrade from the iA5 with increased sound quality and greater functionality. It comes with the iHome+Sleep App for easy alarm clock use, internet radio and more. Also, the iA100 works with the iPad. Read the iHome iA100 Full Review.

About iPhone Apps:

What are they?

  • iPhone apps are software that enriches usability with speaker systems.
  • They are designed to give us customization, cool features, and technological advancement in a simple design.

Why do you need them?

  • New to the speaker system market, iPhone apps are hopefully going to increase functionality of speaker systems.
  • They are easier to use then current button designs and layouts.
  • They will be upgradeable over time and may offer improvement and fixes.
  • If the speakers, dock and remote are the body then the iPhone app is be the brain of the system.

How do they help?

  • Unlike speaker systems themselves which can easily be outdated, upgradable software helps extend the life of your speaker system.
  • They offer greater functionality by expanding the area of possibility. The apps make customization easier and the uses are limitless.

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