iHome iP47 iPhone Bluetooth Clock Radio and Speakerphone Review

iHome iP47 iPhone Bluetooth Clock Radio and Speakerphone Review

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iHome iP47 iPhone Bluetooth Clock Radio and Speakerphone Review

Price & Model

iP47 Bluetooth Clock Radio

System Features

Remote Included
Made For:
  • iPod
  • iPhone


(3) "AA" for clock backup

Alarm Clock Features

Dual Alarms:

The iHome iP47 is based on the previous iHome iHCS, but the latter did not support the iPhone and music is interrupted when receiving calls as well as annoying noise genereated from wireless interference when an iPhone is nearby. All that are resolved with the iP47, this new unit not only supports iPhone but it has internal interference shielding so no more annoying noise.

iHome iP47 Bluetooth Clock Radio Highlights

  • Bluetooth Capable
  • Remote Control
  • Dual Alarms

iHome iP47 Bluetooth Clock Radio Description

There is Bluetooth 2.0 support that allows your iPhone to make and receive calls. By presisng the "eject" button on the iHome iP47 just below a large integrated digital clock also reveals a hidden set of buttons which allows you to dial the iPhone. The unit also comes with a built-in speakerphone.

You can set the alarm to play to your iPod / iPhone or even wirelessly from a non-iPhone Bluetooth connected device. You can also set the alarm to play on preset radio stations (four presets for AM, eight for FM).

Power: AC powered or 3 AA batteries

Remote Control: Standard functions

Inputs / Outputs: Auxiliary input for playing music from your mp3 player, music-enabled phone and cd player

What's in the Box

  • iHome iP47
  • Three docking adapters
  • AC adapter
  • Infrared remote control

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