How to Select iPhone Speakers


selectspeakers-200So you want a speaker system to play your iPhone's music?
There are a few things you should ask yourself as part of your speaker system search.

1. What Type Of iPhone Speaker Do I Want?

Are you a frequent traveler? Maybe you need a system to compliment you luxurious home setting. There are are a lot of different types of speakers. Here is a list of helpful places to find the type you are looking for.

2. What's My iPhone Speaker Budget?

This applies to basically anything that you can buy - What is your budget? Having a budget range will help you narrow down your choices a lot and thus saving you time (so you can get your toy faster!). And don't forget, the more expensive the system is does not necessary mean it is better because sometimes you are paying a premium just for the brands themselves. Check our Speaker Reviews to verify their quality

3. What Functionality Do I Need?

Functions are the selling point of all iPhone speakers. The way the system functions determines it's uses. Here are some quick tips.

Does it have..

  • A Remote Control
  • Compatability with all iPhones,iPads or iPods
  • Batteries or Power Adapter
  • Solid Construction and Effective Design
  • Type Related Features - i.e. Alarm Clock settings if it is an Alarm Clock

4. What is Good iPhone Speaker Design?

Design is more than just looking pretty. A lot of how you use the device is determined by the design. The makers know this and try to utilize great design for better user interaction.

The right design will benefit you in the long run. Here are some quick design tips for iPhone Speakers

Does it have...

  • Essential Buttons and Button Layouts
  • Easy to Read Text or LED Display
  • Handles for Portability, Case for Travel, or Compatable iPhone, iPod, or iPad Docking
  • Well Built Enclosures for the Speakers themselves

5. How Convenient is the iPhone Speaker?

It's easy to think that you will be using this speaker all the time and for the rest of your life. The truth is, if it is inconvenient to use, you will stop using it.

By ensuring that it will be convenient, you will be a lot more likely to use it for a long time. The most valuable characteristics of convenience are essentially what is listed above. Our review page makes it easy for you to find out what others have thought about the product you are thinking of buying. This is the only reliable way to measure a system's convenience.

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